"Herrlichkeit" Dinklage Homeland Club - Founded in 1934


 The development of the present-day city of Dinklage, in Northwest Lower Saxony, began with the foundation of the Castle Dinklage The name of the city is derived from the Counts who had jurisdiction over the castle. The name, Dinklage, originates from the word "Thing" which meant "Court-Place". The spelling has undergone many changes, from "Thinclage" to a reference to "Dynclage" in the year 1231. Dinklage is part of the Oldenburger Munsterland. Dinklage can be reached by using Highway A1.
It offers many recreational facilities, including 72 kilometers of footpaths amid diversified parkland and unspoiled wooded areas. The 500 hectare Castle Forest (Burgwald) features an ancient forest of gnarled oak trees where one can observe native game animals in a natural setting.

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